Welcome to the Quantified Self Berlin Group

This is a brief introduction for members of the new English-language Quantified Self group in Berlin. Of course, we hope to meet many of you in person at our first meetup on Thursday Nov. 22nd.

First, if you’re new to the overall Quantified Self movement, head over to their main website at quantifiedself.com and start with the About section or the Three Prime Questions.

Second: other than this site, the main way to keep up with our Berlin-area events is via our Meetup group or by following us on Twitter @QS_Berlin.

Bear with us while we sort out the exact structure of this site going forward, but at a minimum you’ll soon be able to follow the English- and German-language posts separately, and we’ll try to translate the most important posts so they’re available in both languages.

We’ll be posting more info here before and after this week’s meeting, and we’ll be covering a lot more at that meeting about how to sign up for future presentations and demos and how the group will operate. In the meantime, feel free to contact me (at [email protected]) or the other organizers with any questions about the new group.

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